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Download your FREE version now! is an immersive language acquisition program designed to help your child systematically develop English language skills.

Your child will enjoy dozens of illustrated fun books while learning new words across a wide range of topics.

Professional voice artists read out each book with the words highlighted, so that your child can easily read along.
Staggered comprehension levels systematically build your child's English proficiency.

A language learning program developed by experts

Finally, a language app developed by literacy researchers and tested by teachers!

Renowned children book authors, illustrators and speech therapists from around the world teamed up to develop the library. The playful reading and language app comes with pronunciation and comprehension training. Bonus materials cater to more reading and listening skills.

The eKidz-methodology starts with reading and naturally extends to all four language domains:

Close to 100 children books from beginner texts to advanced stories spread across 12 reading levels.


The recording and playback function supports pronuncation, enunciation, reasoning and story telling,


Professional voice artists read out each book with the words highlighted to model reading accuracy and prosody. The pace of narration naturally increases with every progressive reading level.


Writing tasks encourage the use of new words in context and lead to memorization.

Teachers tested and love the eKidz-app.

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Download the app now. Your child's journey to become a successful reader and language learner starts today.

In the FREE version for iPad, iOS, and Android devices, your child enjoys:

  • One digital book per reading level

  • Audio support on the first five pages of each book

  • A newsletter with free resources and helpful tips sent to your inbox (optional)

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