Automated diagnosis using AI

Our current development is based on precise and sound diagnosis. This will result in each child's learning level neing automatically determined in a specific & personalised way. This will enable specific diagnosis and remedy, allowing progress to be immediately visible to teachers, guardians and students.

Integrated learning to read program with AI support and feedback.

This upgraded eKidz program will meet the individual child at their point of need: The automated reading diagnosis will recognise the child's level of performance as well as individual weaknesses.

Differentiated and personalised

Irrespective of your child's reading level: eKidz scaffolds learning so they develop their language skills step by step. Each at his or her own pace, at his or her own convenience. Advance at your pace by gaining confidence in your language skills!

Methodology based on scientific evidence and developed by linguists and expert educators.

A differentiated reading program with 13 levels of complexity provides systematic progress.

Comprehension tests and creative tasks assess knowledge from basic to advanced levels.

Scientifically substantiated, tried, tested and recommended by teachers, learners and parents around the world!

A safe ad-free environment for children aged 5 and above.

Data protection for families and educational institutions.

Data protection for families and educational institutions.

Suitable for individual and group lessons, in the classroom, in the library and at home.


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